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Wake every morning and start your day with herbal tea or fresh juice, and an energizing yoga session. As you move effortlessly from meals designed just for you to massages to rejuvenating treatments, you'll be enveloped in a gentle sense of peace and serenity that is integral to healing.

Tola Destination Spa is here to facilitate your return to health and vitality. Let us create your customized destination spa experience!

Because Tola Destination Spa incorporates a holistic approach to healthcare, it embraces the whole person rather than treating symptoms. Cleanse your body completely and start back on the path to feeling complete again. Learn how to live in harmony with your life and how to treat yourself well again.

Let us help you rediscover yourself and bring life back into balance.

Plan your stay for a duration that suits your needs and your schedule. We can personalize your stay from a weekend refresher and spa, to a full 21 day cleansing & balancing treatment. Call or email to make reservations.

Our retreats are completely customizable, flexible for your lifestyle and needs. Choose a standard Malibu rejuvenation package stay, or a life in balance jump-start extended-weekend. Or even choose to integrate a few luxurious therapies into your planned vacation in the area. We'll be happy to personalize a retreat package for you.

To enrich and enlighten.

Our mission at Tola Malibu is to exemplify excellence in our care and services we offer while inspiring people to integrate wellness, balance, and beauty into their lives with passion.

Tola Destination Spa ~ we intend to set guests on a healthier, more balanced path for life.  Tola Destination Spa allows guest to choose a full-service suite from one of our cooperating partners.  By adding Tola’s Destination Spa package, we will incorporate healthy spa cuisine, provide education on lifestyle improvement, offer fitness activities that build self-esteem and motivate take-home habits and rituals.  Tola will also offer signature bodywork and skin therapies, all of which will be specific to each client and their needs according to their element.


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